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Home News Delivery - HNDA Ltd

Who Are We

We are News Retailers and Independent Home News Delivery Newsagents who are deeply concerned that we are inadequately represented as a business group when "Our business and its future direction" is being decided by others who are currently in control of our Industry, but certainly not concerned with our welfare.

The leading figure of the HNDA is one of the best known newsagents in the country with 50+ years experience, and represents Independent Newsagents with credentials that are unparalleled.

What is Our Aim

"PREFERENTIAL TERMS" - That is our ultimate goal for all HNDA members with HND customers.

We will represent every UK Independent Home News Delivery Newsagent when negotiating the needs of our and your business with Publishers, Wholesaler Distributors and any other organisation looking to benefit from utilising our services directly or indirectly. Our package to Publishers and Wholesalers will be recognised as a break through for the whole News Trade Industry, most importantly the package is for the benefit of HND Newsagents ONLY.

What Do We Need From You

We would appreciate you registering your details with us so that we can approach our meetings as a coordinated group, carrying the voice of many into the meetings we intend to hold on behalf of our registered members. Register now using this form  Please fill in this registration form.

What Happens After Registration

You will receive an email from us with a membership ID number, you can always quote this when you communicate with us. You are always welcome to send us messages regarding business matters that are affecting you or your business.

You will receive timely, knowledgeable responses to your messages from people involved at the sharp end of the industry. Where required & appropriate we will communicate with others to attempt to get some action in your favour, hopefully resolving your issue.

We will communicate with you periodically via email asking your opinion about the issue(s) surrounding our business, and any news we have to communicate that will be important to our members.


It's is the Affiliation's intentions that no membership fee is to be levied to any member until HNDA has achieved its "goal" of attaining extra revenue into every members business;

Sessions, Cookies and Your Privacy

Whilst you are viewing this website no information is collected that could personally identify you, a Session is created which should you choose to click the register button it will be used to validate the information you enter into the form and perform some error checking.

Sessions allow users to be identified/recognized within a website so any changes or data selection you do is remembered as you move around. The most common example of this functionality is registration, login forms and shopping cart features of any website.

When you register at this website we ask you to provide some information which is relevant to us understanding a little about you and your business. This information is only required so that we can properly represent ourselves and you when we attend meetings.

Should you wish to de-register at any time please send an email from your registered email address quoting your membership ID number and a request to de-register. Your details will immediately be removed from our database.


Approx how many HND customers do you represent on these days;

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